‘Aviation Carbon 2017’ is the leading international aviation event which is open to all airlines and aircraft operators from around the world, regardless of their size or location or any membership of any aviation association. Participation will allow airlines / aircraft operators and their stakeholders to get fully up to speed on the status and potential impacts of the ICAO CORSIA global emissions scheme, and anticipated EU ETS revisions to be announced before the end of 2017. There will be presentations and discussion panel by leading experts, including attendance of Competent Authorities.

CORSIA will have major implications for airlines and business jet operators worldwide, as well as for the carbon markets. Together with investors, legal and financial institutions, aircraft leasing companies, academics, industry consultants and government and regulatory authorities, aviation biofuels supply chain, all will need to attend this conference to understand the implications and opportunities. Early participation in CORSIA by the leading aviation countries is crucial to its success and the conference will provide an update on the latest international developments.

‘Aviation Carbon 2017’ will provide valuable insights into carbon offsets, carbon markets and the role of sustainable biofuels. It should allow airlines / aircraft operators to be well prepared for submitting their CORSIA Monitoring Plans already in 2018 with the monitoring of all international flights starting from 1 January 2019. In parallel they will be able to develop effective carbon management, purchasing strategies, IT solutions and even outsourcing the complexities of compliance to experienced third parties.

You can benefit from our excellent networking opportunities. Delegate feedback from our last conference indicated tremendous satisfaction levels with 85% rating it highly.

Our venue is the business-friendly London Heathrow Marriott Hotel where we held our previous events and which has recently improved its business facilities through a multi-million pound improvement programme, winning it the 2016 ‘European Hotel Design Awards’ and ‘Best Hotel for Events’ at the London Venue Awards.

Once you register, please consider booking your flight through our travel partner fly-eco.com, an environmental-social enterprise, who can ensure that your flights are carbon-offset, completely free of any extra costs or administration for you!

Please visit our registration page for further information, including special offers for developing nations, groups, and other categories. We look forward to welcoming and meeting you at ‘Aviation Carbon 2017’!

The agenda includes these topics:

    • The problem of carbon emissions from aviation and why action is required: current forecast of emissions and traffic growth over the coming decade.
    • Can market-based measures such as CORSIA satisfactorily address concerns over growing emissions from international aviation?
    • What support is there for CORSIA in the world’s regions and can ICAO deliver a scheme acceptable to all?
    • Given the introduction of CORSIA in 2021, what is the future in Europe for the Aviation EU ETS?
    • What are the key features of CORSIA?
    • Approaching carbon markets: the airline and airport sectors’ perspective
    • How does the international carbon offset market work and does it deliver real emission reductions?
    • How should airlines and business aircraft operators prepare themselves for CORSIA MRV compliance?
    • What is the demand likely to be under CORSIA for offsets?
    • Carbon offset strategies for airlines and business aircraft operators.
    • What is the prospect for sustainable aviation biofuels and how do they fit within CORSIA?
    • Free consultation sessions with experts!

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